Client Comments

"EMS puts the best interest of the government first and is outstanding in their customer service orientation."

EMS is " organization that insists on quality...and is very proud of their reputation of quality work and reasonable costs."

"EMS suggested ways to improve the product while reducing costs — a frequent event throughout the life of the contract."

"[EMS]...deserves recognition for their outstanding ability to organize the many tasks and manage coordination effort to provide excellent products."

"Deliverables are always submitted before or on the due date with an extraordinary level of accuracy."

EMS has provided "...a very high level of professionalism and responsiveness to the management of this contract."

"EMS has provided outstanding support to the Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Initiative."

EMS is "Continually on top of schedules/cost and performance requirements. Documentation was always of the highest caliber...concise and precise."

"EMS is a company that is fully responsive to the needs of the government in business matters. They always obtained a clear understanding of the government's needs prior to commencement of work. An admirable trait for a business."

"Actual costs are most often less than government estimates based on similar work with similar contractors. Plus [EMS] often finish[es] under budget."

"[EMS]...places quality performance, timeliness, and cost effectiveness first in their priorities."