CLU-IN and Trainex Webinars

EMS has supported EPA's Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation by developing and producing CLU-IN's ongoing series of webinars since 1998. These live, two-hour events cover various technical topics that are relevant to CLU-IN's audience. Since their inception, EMS has produced over 2,000 webinars for over 350,000 participants from 54 U.S. states and territories and 62 countries on six continents.

Most webinars last approximately two hours and include presentations that cover information specific to environmental technologies and innovative approaches. Question-and-answer periods allow for participant interaction with the instructors. At the conclusion of each webinar, participants are guided through supporting documents and links to additional resources so that they may pursue topics in greater detail or become involved in relevant interest groups.

Some of the recent feedback provided by past webinar participants includes:

  "I'm a regulator for a state government and this training helps me guide responsible parties in their approach to site characterization and cleanup."

  "It has also been a great way to gain professional development hours for professional certification purposes during the pandemic, and the content is always very good and you can trust recommending to younger professional staff."

  "No suggestions. Perfect length. Presentation medium is excellent."

  "EPA and CLU-IN are doing an amazing job managing the virtual environment."

  "This was honestly one of the best webinars I've ever attended! The presenters were obviously experts on their organizations and had a passion for what they were doing. They gave good information on what is already being done and how they've been able to successfully pivot since COVID-19. It was structured well, obviously was well prepared for on Region 4's side of things, and overall was wonderful to watch."

EMS produces complete public archives of these webinars, including audio and video podcasts, providing CLU-IN users with on-demand access to webinar materials.

EMS is currently supporting improvements for these webinars through the Training Exchange (Trainex) website, allowing EPA staff to access live and on-demand training during the COVID-19 pandemic.