Guidance Documents: Institutional Controls

The first guidance, Institutional Controls: A Guide to Planning, Implementing, Maintaining, and Enforcing Institutional Controls at Contaminated Sites, identifies and addresses many of the common issues that may be encountered when using ICs pursuant to several of the Agency's cleanup programs (Superfund remedial and removal, federal facilities, Brownfields, underground storage tanks, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act). It also provides an overview of the Agency's policy regarding the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders involved in various aspects of the IC life cycle, namely the planning, implementing, maintaining, and enforcing of ICs.

The second guidance, Institutional Controls: A Guide to Preparing Institutional Control Implementation and Assurance Plans at Contaminated Sites, provides EPA Regions with a template for developing IC Implementation and Assurance plans (ICIAPs) at contaminated sites where the response action includes ICs. An ICIAP is a document designed to systematically: (a) establish and document the activities associated with implementing and ensuring the long-term stewardship of ICs; and (b) specify the persons and/or entities that will be responsible for conducting these activities.