EMS Staff

EMS' reputation is directly attributable to the high quality of its employees. Our staff embodies the values of excellence, integrity, and dedication. This kind of environment can only exist in a place where race, gender, and age do not define talent. We are individually committed to excellence, in performance, the quality of our products and services, timeliness, and ethical relationships with our clients and business partners.

Meet our staff (click on each name for a full biography):

Thomas Heim, President

During his 31 years with EMS, Tom has provided integral support to Superfund's Community Involvement program, including the development of the Superfund Community Involvement Handbook and Toolkit, evaluation of Superfund community involvement programs, preparation of guidance for the Community Advisory Group program, coordination of 12 Community Involvement Conferences, and content development for several of EPA's websites. Tom has developed training courses on public outreach and involvement to be presented at training conferences for community involvement staff, OSCs, and RPMs. Tom also facilitates or supports several EPA workgroups.

Projects: Community Engagement Initiative Workgroups; Community Involvement Conference; Evaluation of Superfund Information Repositories; Planning Workgroups for OSC Readiness and NARPM Training Conferences; Triad Community of Practice

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Jessica Crestwell

EMS Staff PhotoDetail oriented and extremely organized, Jessica has been putting her creative touch on EPA products for over 19 years. With a bachelor's degree in art and design and a concentration in graphic design, Jessica creates clean and uncluttered visual designs for technical illustrations, brochures, fliers, newsletters, reports, table top displays, presentations, conference materials, posters, and logos. Jessica also has a Web Development Certification and designs Web layouts and graphics for CLU-IN, Trainex, the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable, and multiple Superfund websites. In addition to her graphics responsibilities, Jessica manages EMS's support to the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable. When Jessica is not designing on the computer, in her spare time for over the last decade she has been baking and designing custom sculpted cakes.

Projects: Trainex exhibit and logo redesign; Community Involvement Training Conference; Technology News and Trends, OHHRRAF, and NARPM newsletters; Community Involvement Toolkit & Handbook; Brownfields Federal Programs Guides; A Citizen's Guide to Cleanup Technologies; Green Infrastructure: Land Revitalization Success Stories; Setting the Stage for Leveraging Resources for Brownfields Revitalization; Cleaning Up Brownfields Under State Response Programs — Getting to "No Further Action"; Brownfields Stakeholder Forum Kit; New Manufacturing on Old Brownfields

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Kevin David

Kevin has been our network administrator for 18 years. With a master's degree in telecommunications management, Kevin is responsible for the day-to-day security and operation of the EMS family of networks and phone system. His all-around computer knowledge allows him to provide help-desk support to our staff and our smaller subcontractors. Kevin also runs all CLU-IN based webinars. He can be found converting PowerPoint presentations into Web-based graphics, updating webpages, handling the sound mixer board for webinar audio, and providing technical support for webinar participants.

Projects: CLU-IN Internet Seminars; CLU-IN security; CLU-IN Cloud Computing; ITRC Data Analysis

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Diane Dopkin

EMS Staff PhotoA professional geologist by training, for the past 23 years Diane has managed many of EMS's task orders related to hazardous waste cleanup issues. Her work ranges from writing and editing guidance documents and newsletters for environmental professionals, to citizens' guides for community stakeholders. With prior field experience conducting Superfund remedial investigations, Diane specializes in preparing outreach materials related to soil and groundwater investigations and cleanups, as well as the related issue of vapor intrusion.

Projects: Technical Support Project; alternatives to open burn/open detonation of munitions; Ground Water Forum issue papers; Technology News and Trends newsletter; vapor intrusion guidance, Brownfields Technology Primer: Vapor Intrusion Considerations for Redevelopment; Citizens Guides to Cleanup Methods; Mining Sites Webinar Series, long-term monitoring optimization; quality assurance; peer reviews; Brownfields Federal Programs Guide; real estate development training for contaminated sites

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Mark Farkosh

EMS Staff PhotoAs our corporate comptroller, Mark has administered EMS's accounting systems, payroll, and contract and subcontract files for more than 18 years. As quality manager for our financial systems, he tracks 25 task order budgets and delivery schedules and oversees funding and invoices for 80 subcontractors and consultants. He reviews and approves accounts payable, and tracks and approves monthly financial reports for all contracts. Mark's thorough management has resulted in no cost disallowances or suspensions during annual federal audits, and our audits have never resulted in any adverse findings. When time allows, Mark also provides onsite logistical support to several meetings.

Projects: Community Involvement Conference; the Removal Managers Meeting; FASTAC Meeting; Oil Managers Meeting; Emergency Preparedness & Hazmat Response Conference

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Edie Findeis-Cromwell

Edie has been planning, implementing, and evaluating strategies and programs with EMS for over 29 years. She provides managerial and technical support in public and legislative affairs, community involvement, technology transfer, and training. In addition, she facilitates stakeholder meetings, team building, and organizational development. Edie has developed detailed SOPs, quality assurance goals, and training to support the brownfields grant application process. A talented database programmer, Edie also created and manages EMS's Records Management System, a flexible system designed to meet EPA's needs for rapid response to information requests from Congress, the Inspector General, EPA Regions, and other organizations, as well as FOIAs regarding brownfields grants.

Projects: OBLR's Grants Management Support for Assessment, Cleanup, and RLF Funds, Area-Wide Planning, and K6 Grants; Regional Site Assessment Data Manager Support

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Kristina Folsom

EMS Staff PhotoKrissi considers customer service her specialty and quality control her priority. She has been the voice behind Trainex and CERCLA Education Center (CEC) registration and coordination for the past 22 years. She has supported the OSWER Training Coordination Team for just as long, in addition to helping plan, coordinate, support, and manage numerous other EPA events from training courses and small meetings to large training conferences and awards ceremonies, such as the National Notable Achievement Awards. Outside of work, Krissi sings with the Heart of Maryland Chorus, an all ladies a cappella chorus singing in the barbershop style (http://www.homchorus.org). She is passionate about environmental conservation, keeping her co-workers on task with their recycling practices! And whenever she can squeeze it in, she has made and decorated cakes as a hobby for over a decade.

Projects: Trainex, OSWER Training Coordination Team; Community Involvement Conference; National Site Assessment Symposium and Training; Land Revitalization Training

Awards: 2016 Business Individual Outstanding Acheivement in Recycling, Montgomery County, MD

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Robert Langston

EMS Staff PhotoRob has specialized in registration management during his 22 years with EMS. In addition to creating the Training Exchange ("Trainex") website used to manage registration for many EPA-sponsored training classes, Rob also created and manages the registration system for Superfund's Community Involvement Conferences. His Web development skills are also leveraged on a variety of other EPA projects using technologies such as SQL/SQL Server, Coldfusion, HTML and Windows Server. Additionally, Rob helps to support the EMS and CLU-IN information technology equipment.

Projects: Training & Workforce Planning; Trainex website; CLU-IN website; Technical Support Project; TIFSD Social Media Implementation Support. Supports registration for Community Involvement Training Program, National Association for Remedial Project Managers (NARPM) Training Program, On-Scene Coordinators Training Program, National Site Assessment Symposium and various local community involvement sessions.

Awards: 2016 Business Individual Outstanding Achievement in Recycling, Montgomery County, MD

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Josh Lee

Josh joined EMS in August 2020.

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Marina Miller

EMS Staff PhotoMarina is EMS's Director of Contracting and a Certified Associate Contracts Manager (CACM). She is responsible for the administration of our prime contracts and subcontracts ensuring that EMS is compliant with all terms and conditions. Marina provides guidance to our project managers and other operational staff on contractual matters and works closely with our corporate comptroller monitoring budgets and funding of active task orders and work assignments. She reviews and approves accounts payables from our subcontractors and prepares and submits monthly financial reports and invoices to our clients. With over 20 years of service at EMS, Marina also develops and implements policies and procedures that support operations aligning with EMS's short- and long-term goals.

Projects: Quick Response Tasks, Community Involvement Conference, update of the Community Involvement Toolkit

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Abraham Parker

EMS Staff PhotoAbe is an environmental scientist and communications specialist who specializes in developing fact sheets, web content, technical publications, and other outreach materials for diverse audiences. An ecologist by training, for the past 13 years he has been the technical lead for projects related to ecological revitalization, risk assessment, and land reuse. He has a firm understanding of the EPA Risk Assessment process, and provides management and technical support to the Superfund Human Health Risk Assessors Forum, the EPA Land Revitalization Coordinators Workgroup, and the Libby, Montana Superfund Site Action Plan Workgroup. Abe also is EMS's in-house Spanish translator for fact sheets, reports, and Web content.

Abe holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Cornell University. In his spare time, you can find him competing in triathlons and marathons or planning his next backpacking trip.

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Jennifer Rando

Jen has been with EMS for 10 years. With a master's degree in Environmental Engineering, Jen provides technical support to the radiochemistry projects and all radiochemistry training, including basic radiochemistry and MARLAP courses. In addition, she participates in conference calls for the Risk Assessment Forum and is responsible for providing meeting minutes.

Projects: Brownfields Grant Program, Exchange Network Grant Program, Community Involvement Toolkit Update, Radiological Laboratory Pilot for Incident Response and Recover, Emergency Response Laboratory Capability, Radioanalytical Guidance and Protocols, Development of Rapid Radiochemical Methods for Radionuclides Listed in EPA's Standardized Analytical Methods for Use During Homeland Security Events

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Peter Riddle

EMS Staff PhotoPete advises EPA on information dissemination, collaboration, and outreach strategies. He then develops, deploys, and manages websites and Web-based services to implement those strategies. Pete has managed the CLU-IN website on behalf of OSWER for the past 23 years. Pete also developed the platform for EPA's ongoing series of live Internet seminars, with more than 1,600 seminars conducted for over 275,000 participants since 1998. He has been with EMS since 1997.

Projects: Contaminated Site Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN), CLU-IN Internet Seminars, TIFSD Social Media Implementation Support, CLU-IN Cloud Computing

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