Community Outreach Support for the Gaston Copper Recycling Center Targeted Site Effort

Gaston Copper Recycling Corporation Center is a 400-acre property located south of Gaston, SC. It had operated as secondary copper smelting facility prior to 1995 when operations reduction began. By 2001, the facility was in the last stages of decommissioning. Under EPA's RCRA Brownfields Targeted Site Effort (TSE) program, EMS provided planning and facilitation support in 2002-2003 to EPA Region 4 to help the state and local governments and the site owner to enhance community involvement in decisions about how to cleanup and redevelop this site. The primary goal of EPA's TSE projects was to "jump-start" short-term activities directed at overcoming barriers to cleanup and redevelopment. At Gaston, EMS served as an advisor to the Gaston Copper TSE partners and assisted them in planning, developing content for, and documenting three public meetings. EMS also designed, developed, and distributed a newsletter to inform 240 community members on progress in the site cleanup, and developed a fact sheet summarizing and clarifying the Statement of Basis (a document detailing the proposed measures to be taken to cleanup the site and the justification for each) distributed at the public meeting.